Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Stay tune~

Hello all~! So sorry for the late post! A happy 2013 to all the viewers! I know DTP Concepts have not been too active and is growing dust but I'll try my very best in keeping this blog alive as much as possible! It was a pretty hectic 2012 and I didn't managed to do out all the clothes designs that I've drawn.

DTP Concepts is currently undergoing some tidying up, cleaning and laying down some ground rules in hopes to serve you better!

More updates will be out soon! Please stay tune!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Last commission for the 2012

 Commission for Zephy (MSD) - another first time for me. 

I'm always learning new things when I do commissions which is what I love very much. I love making personalised clothes that is to the doll's characters. And through commincating with each owner, I've learnt more about the doll. To me, Zephy is a happy, free-spirited boy that loves baggy clothes. Nothing to restrict him when he go anywhere.

Now on to the photos~ sorry not a lot of photos as I was trying to complete it before the new year (>.<)