All doll items are carefully thought of and handmade by me. I live in a smoke-free and animal-free environment.

I’ll always try my very best in providing the best quality that I can make. Not for picky/fussy customers.

I design and make my own doll clothes but I also accept outfit commissions.

It takes about 3-4 weeks to make each set (might be shorter/longer depending on complexity and number of items in that set but you will be notified)

If it’s my design, I will show you detailed sketches with notes before I make. I will email photos of the materials that you can choose from.

If it’s your design, I will try to follow the design as close as possible. I will also let you have a clear view what material each piece on an outfit will be. Be prepared that I will ask you a lot of questions and show you a lot of photos/sketches with notes.(please bear with me if I asked a lot of questions ^^*) You can pass/ mail me cloths as well but do ensure that it’s enough to make the outfit.

If some things cannot be done, I will inform you and suggest another method to do it.

Once design is confirmed, I will start to make the outfit.
When outfit is 90% done, photos will be sent. Slight alterations can be done.

*I reserved the rights to cancel the commission and deposit will not be refunded if I do not hear from you in more than 2 weeks’ time (unless reasons stated and informed)

Please understand that I would not be able to take on others’ commission if I’m holding onto your commission slot and wait for your response.

  • Human clothes (I can make clothes for dolls but not human-sized ^^*)
  • SD size (in future, I might accept once I can made better quality clothes for SD)
  • Outfits that is available online (eg. Etsy, Ebay, dolly company)
  • Request to dye material
  • Embroidery 
  • Bags (unless simple design or whatever design that I’ve made before)
  • Shoes (I’m not a shoe maker, sorry ^^*)

Commission price + Shipping (handling fee + register mail with tracking number/ EMS)

To avoid over-pricing for commission, the prices varied, depending on doll type/ number of pieces in a set/ material (Leather and silk are more expensive) / design or sewing complexity (either by me or from you). Normally the complexity range is from simple to hard. 

I can only give you a price gauge if you let me know what your commission is.

Please state clearly what you would like me to commission. E.g: A simple 1-piece dress/ 3 piece outfit. You can also send me pictures/drawing sketches. 

If you are clueless about the design, you can let me know how many pieces in an outfit that you want me to design and make. I will allow 1-2 changes on my design.

Once design/ material are confirmed, a final quotation will be given. 

Here’s a list of doll body types that I own and can make clothes for:

  • Dal (stock body and obitsu 21cm (male and female body))
  • Pullip (stock body, obitsu 25cm (L bust), obitsu 27cm (M & L bust)
  • Taeyang (stock and obitsu 27cm slim obitsu)
  • T line or anything that is similar
  • Yosd
  • MSD (standard MSD body*)

*non-standard like Unoa/ slim MSD body – I cannot sew for them as I do not own the bodies

[ONLY FOR LOCAL OWNERS] I will only accept other body type if you are willing to send your doll body to my place when I start making the outfit. Currently I do not accept SD sizes.