Sunday, 30 April 2017

Happy things and Singapore Dollelong 2017

Hello everyone~! Sorry for the super long absence from dolly updates. Well, the reason why I took so so so~ long a break was due to work. I was changing to a new job towards last year and was doing some freelance while trying to make some items for Singapore Dollelong 2017. 2 happy things happened that day~

Yes! Singapore Dollelong 2017!  There was another Singapore doll event recently and I managed to share a booth with my friend! Love the fact that although we are a small community but there are people who actually organised such events! Thank you, ladies! I know it's tough to organise but they did it well! Thanks to them, I managed to catch up with some of my dolly friends and a chance to talk to other doll collectors. I guess that's the perks of having a doll booth, you don't have to buy anything from me but I would like to know you and talk about doll stuffs when you are at my booth. :)

Enough of me blabbing, here's some of the photos that I took during the event. It's not a lot as I need to look after my booth and sadly... I didn't manage to take the winning doll booth! But I'm so proud and happy that my friend MK won!! (ps, I voted for it too~) Her booth is always nice and her dolls too! It's so sad that I didn't take a photo of it.

This is a mini display of my booth. I have some little helpers that day too~

These are my friend's dolls and you can spot a grumpy Shinya from the background. fu fu fu~ I dragged Shinya to the event whahahah

One of the organisers' booth. Anemone! Oh but they rebranded it to Ma Petite Cherie. They have very nice doll clothes for SD girls but.. I don't have a SD girl (wallet is safe lol)

Yagamijo's booth. The boys are so handsome! 

Kirere's doll booth, it's also another well done booth with cool background but my terrible photo editing skills just cropped it off. oops...

This booth is special, they had lights around the booth and they made neat hairbands.

The booth that made me seriously want to buy a DD... temptation~ but here's more photos of the booth

Na7s doll~~~ Sparrow... Im telling you, this babe is hot! (so is all of Na7s crew~ LOL)

Last but not least, the other happy thing is that I've won a Switch limited Soseo from the lucky draw. Switch is so nice to sponsor a fully customised Soseo doll for our event. He comes with full face up by Heavybomb, Switch wig, shoes and clothes. I was in shock when they announced my number and during the prize receiving. I will post box opening pictures another day! meanwhile take care everyone! Thanks for reading!