Sunday, 21 February 2016

Singapore Doll Carnival 2016

Over the weekend, we had our local doll carnival. It was a fun experience as this is also my first time setting up a booth with friends! 

I've learnt alot from the booth setup and felt that I still got lots to learn from that event. Heres our booth display!

There was a few ideas that we had but eventually we decided to settle for Kendo theme. Having 2 team mates was a blessing, we could split our work evenly and work on separate parts of the booth. I was in charge of doing the floor which I will post the making another day. Here's some of the photos of the day itself~ Apologies for the odd sized photos as I've got not enough time to properly crop them (>.<) 

Asuka Sakumo's miniatures are really cute!! It's very well made. I was looking forward to seeing Snowfern Clover as well but she didn't set up a booth this time round. Normally when you see Asuka Sakumo, you will see Snowfern Clover. They are good in their works~

Team Regalia's Arabian nights was pretty too~a lot of pretty jars and pillows, not to mention all their dolls are babes and handsomes~~~ Team Regalia consist of MK and Nats! Here's more photos of their dolls to drool for!  

The rest of the stores had beautiful dresses and outfits. I was so tempted to buy them!! But I don't have an SD girl so my wallet's quite safe on that day.

Honmaru:Cidatel won the best booth display~ Kudos to their hardwork. I LOVE their SNOW! (the white stuff on the floor) A lot of effort, dolls and details! Hehe I managed to spot a mouse at the booth (they told me I was the first to spot that mouse! hahaha it's so fun to look at the details!)

Last but not least, I've met some pullip owners through this event too~ It was nice to see pullips  owners, bjd owners and of cox my own doll friends. Singapore Doll carnival is a memorable event. Definitely miss my friends and miss my dolls, hopefully this year I will get to sew more and spend more time with my dolls! For those who dropped by at our booth, thank you so much too!


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