Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Doll Booth in Singapore Doll Carnival 2016

Finally after a long hiatus, I'm finally moving my butt to do something for my dolly stuffs! Setting up a dolly booth was something that I wanted to do for a while and thankfully I've got friends who are interested in having a booth with me. Otherwise I won't be able to manage one on my own, too many things to plan! 

If you are going for the event, do look out for this logo!

It's a collaboration between my friends and I, hence it's the combination of their initials and DTP Concepts together. hehe. Right now we are less than a month away from this event and we're got quite a bit of things to do. I will be selling some tiny and maybe yosd clothes there, as well as some old DTP Concepts releases + preowned stuffs. So do drop by if you are interested to see our works.

oh~ and we will have a doll display too~ kinda excited for this display as it's my first time making props as big as SD size. If you would like to see more insights of the doll process and what I'm sewing, follow my instagram: dtpconcepts.

Hope to see you all there at the Singapore Doll Carnival! Do drop by to say hi!


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