Tuesday, 11 November 2014

To research and away~

Hello & Hi!

Hope you all are still doing well! I've recently had a full time job, so blogging and doing more sewing creations have been challenging... but hey~ who says I'm stopping! #nevergiveup

In fact , I took these times when I'm lazy and procrastinating to do a bit of looking into. What might I look into? Well~ I've looked into recreating a logo and some other clothes creation for DTP Concepts! *old news* But that's not all~ I've also readjust the website bigger and better~ lol let me self-encourage myself abit~ hahah I did a bit of color changing and changing of font n space (it's kinda designer thing!) I'll upload the logo once I'm happy with the entire look!

And...... I had a few creation ideas that have been swimming non-stop in my head. Hopefully I'll have time to do it up. Laziness and procrastination please please PLEASE GO AWAY! 

Other than blogging about my creations (which I realised it's getting lesser and this blog might die!), I might start to blog about other dolly related things here! 

So~ if you want me to blog on anything (dolly -related and not some thoughts about the universe), feel free to email me~

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