Saturday, 13 September 2014

Prototyping - SD Shirt

SD shirt~~~~~ XDD

Something stuck me that day... well not really. I got motivated to sew for the boys when I realised... they are running out of clothes to wear! *gasp*

 In fact, I was just packing them when I realised that they didn't really have much clothes or shirts to wear. *guilty* I will buy them clothes someday, just that I cannot find suitable ones at times. *ahem* anyway I decided to practise and make them something.

So I made... *drum rolls*






A shirt! 

Anyway you can tell it's a shirt by my blog entry title~ This time, I decided to make Red a shirt (yes, he is still nameless. So I will just call him the doll model type first.) He's having the new M-line body and it's yet again another odd size. Sigh... if you look at my crew, all of them are odd sizes... it feels like house of weird bodies. The challenge is to always find clothes for them, hopefully someday I'll get a good concept of what size each and everyone belongs to. =)

Enough, said! pictures~~~ 

I didn't really have a lot of pictures because he doesn't like pictures, something about his identity being exposed or something (but who cares~~ =P ) 

I didn't really like the collar that I've done. In fact a few parts are not that refined. (normally if it's up on DTP, I would make sure workmanship is as best as I can make) Since this is a prototype, guess it will make do! That would mean most likely I will have to sew again. Hopefully the next time will be better! Have a good weekend all~

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