Sunday, 31 August 2014

New addition to the family

From left: Abby, Denise and Bridgette 

Recently, a friend of mine gave me some of his dolls. I'm happy to introduce you my 3 new family members! Abby, Denise and Bridgette! It's been so long since I've stopped playing my pullips but I'm really glad they came to stay at my home. It kinda ignites some fire in me to sew and play with them! =3 The day they arrived, I've actually took out all my pullips and re-dress all of them!

Other than me who's really happy to welcome the new girls, Ashley is very thrilled to have her foster sister, Denise with her! If you don't know who Ashley is, you can check out my blog for the little ones (although I've stopped updating since 2012 ^^*)

Well, till then, I'll try to find time to take photo of Denise and Ashley together! XD

Thursday, 21 August 2014

There is always a first in everything

As the title suggested, yes! there is always a first attempt in trying out to sew new things. Choco followed me home one fateful day and I haven't been paying much attention to him in a lot of ways. *sorry Choco! Even till now, he still sticks to his default company name from Crobidoll. *facepalm

And so finally I've decided to set aside some time to sew for him~ he's real tiny and that's one of the excuses reasons why I've rarely made anything for him.

Friday, 8 August 2014

R001 - Rose (male & female version)

This blog is still alive! (the owner too lol)

A new release after so long! In fact, I've been dying to try this out after I bought the fabric.
I'm pretty glad it turned out alright~ I love how the small dark blue roses are the right size for 1/6 dolls.