Thursday, 21 August 2014

There is always a first in everything

As the title suggested, yes! there is always a first attempt in trying out to sew new things. Choco followed me home one fateful day and I haven't been paying much attention to him in a lot of ways. *sorry Choco! Even till now, he still sticks to his default company name from Crobidoll. *facepalm

And so finally I've decided to set aside some time to sew for him~ he's real tiny and that's one of the excuses reasons why I've rarely made anything for him.

Tada~ here's what I sewn!

A yellow cotton jumper with stars~ if you can see the tiny stars that looks like polka dots hahaha I didn't made the top, it was bought during Dollism some time ago. I thought he fits yellow pretty nicely given his tanned skin. Actually I think he fits into anything that's bright~

The back view of the jumper. I find it a cute sight so I decided to upload it but Choco thinks otherwise. LOL You might think that it's a simple design but as starters, normally I would start with the easiest design to do and then expand my pattern collections after that. This helps me to understand how the basic clothes is being done and also how challenging it is to sew such a tiny piece. And believe me, it is tough. My machine nearly didn't allow me to sew the top band that joins the jumper to the strap.

But overall, I like how it turned out. I should probably sew some other variations or move on to sewing other stuffs for him, but we'll see if I've got the time~ here's a few more photos taken for fun!

Choco pulling me.
Me: "Wait~ we should say goodbye before we go!"

*Choco pauses and hugs my hand*
Me: "yea, don't be shy, look at the camera and smile~"

Thank you for reading!


  1. Choco sure looks cute in his new outfit! Suits him well! Must have been tough sewing for his small frame @_@! Looking forward to seeing more experimental designs from you for Choco soon! Keep up the good work!